Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ultra Plans

With my fellow Batrunners, we plan to train for and enter the Brecon Beacons Ultra in November. This is a 45 mile race across some beautiful, but gruelling scenery, in South Wales' rugged National Park. With this lunacy in mind, I am going to keep a log of my training mileage here on the blog. This will hopefully give me inspiration, incentive and a sense of achievement, as well as giving the blog more use. I've added it manually for now to the top right, but I'm hoping to be able to use a gadget that automatically updates from a third party site! Midlife Crisis anyone....?

Wish me luck!


  1. As if you'll need it... but Good Luck!!
    Sis xx

  2. I reckon I will need some injury avoidance luck throughout the year! Thanks Sis! xx

  3. Brilliant news, I assume it is the Likeys one you will be running, the very best of luck.

  4. Thanks, Jerry. Yeah, the Likeys Ultra. Furthest to date for me was a 30 miler (the Mountain Trail Challenge in sept - essentially a walking event organised by Mountain Rescue, but we ran (most of) it!). I've got plenty of time to get up too the training mileage required.
    I managed the RunningAHEAD widget also. Thanks.