Saturday, 31 December 2011


This time 12 months ago, I did a post on this very Blog, with a list I wanted to achieve through 2011. Here it is again for reference.
  • "Spend loads of quality time with my family, especially my little 3 year old lad!!
  • Climb Kilimanjaro (I'm 40 in October and the plan is to do so around that time).
  • Submit a script to the BBC writers room. From my blog, you wouldn't guess that I dabble with comedy - I know, it's not funny at all is it? For 9 years or so I've written a successful adults pantomime at my local rugby club - so successful that we've raised over £35000 for worthy causes and given nights of hilarity to more than 3000 people. So, encouraged by comments from many, I plan to write a sitcom script using an idea I've had in my head for a number of years. If it comes to nothing, I won't be too bothered, as long as I've given it my best shot.
  • More artwork. Those pencils of mine are going to be put to use. Maybe some outdoor themed pieces. Watch this space.
  • Tidy up my allotment and grow some bloody veg - rather than using it as an overflow dumping ground for my garden junk.
  • Get a 2nd hand mountain bike a ride a few trails.
  • Keep up my jogging regime.
  • Visit Scotland. I've a mate who I haven't seen for many years and I've always promised him I will visit him up in Bonnie Findochty. He also likes running so entry into a local 10k or something, followed by a wee (read enormous) swallie! Then there;s the highlands. I want to see the highlands.
  • See a cloud/temperature inversion!
  • Blog more.

 I did fairly well. Only two of the above are still outstanding. I climbed Kili (I can call it that now without fear of being struck down or spontaneously combusting), Drew a few decent sketches, grew some spuds and onions, got a bike, rode a trail or two, jogged a lot, saw an inversion (well, I saw the clouds from above on Uhuru Peak) and I Blogged quite a bit. Pretty pleased with that. It was always going to be difficult to get to Scotland in such a busy, and expensive year. And the script?! Just not had time. Still on my to-do list for the moment.
I will do the same for 2012 shortly. An Ultra is definitely on the cards, and who knows what else. More to follow. For now, I'll leave you with a 40th birthday caricature I did of a good outdoors friend of mine. Mr Mark Tony BatGoss Nicholls!

A Happy New Year to All. Have a prosperous and healthy and fresh air fuelled 2012.

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