Friday, 30 July 2010

As I was going to St Ives....

...Spent another glorious week in my favourite English Town last week. I love the place, it has so much character, beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants, and to top everything off, we rented an amazing holiday home with a huge decking overlooking Porthmeor beach. The only thing that wasn't a 10/10 was the weather, but hey, this is Cornwall. We had one very wet day and some drizzly days but a few glorious beach days too.

Here's the view from the double tiered full length decking of the house toward Porthmeor Beach, during the day and evening. The living room had full length glazing that opened out onto the deck.
Portmeor Beach is a bit of a Surfer's haven. Me, I can't see the big attraction but each to their own. The water was cold!

My little lad  loved the beach, even when the weather was overcast.
Marazion is another favourite destination with the picturesque St Michaels Mount dominating all vistas.
We also visited Trebah Exotic Garden (for the umpteenth time - I never tire of it) but it was a very wet day and we missed a lot of the gardens. I don't mind rain personally, but my wife and inlaws are not too keen on being soaked to the skin to look at bamboos and treeferns and the like!
Overall, we had a great time!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

More Pencil Pieces

These were all drawn over the past fifteen years!

Excuse some of the photography, it's always difficult to photograph work on white paper.
GTFBI Rock Band - Caricature on A2 cartridge paper - coloured pencil and ink pen

Christy Turlington - A3 Cartridge paper - graphite pencil

Giants Causeway V Kalanisi - A2 cartiridge paper - coloured pencil

Barry Bakker - Caricature - A3 cartridge paper - coloured pencil and ink pen

Mel Gibson - A3 cartridge paper - Graphite pencil

Archie! - A3 cartridge paper - Graphite pencil

Rocket Ron - Caricature - A3 cartridge paper - coloured pencil and ink pen

Helena Christensen - A3 cartridge paper - Graphite pencil

Slainte! - A3 black paper - coloured pencil

I hope to post more new work in future. Watch this space....

Monday, 5 July 2010


I happen to be able to wield a pencil with some success. This is a recent commission of a racehorse, Denman, winning The 2009 Hennessy. Having not sketched in anger for some years, I got a lot of satisfaction from producing this...and a few quid to boot. I know all of the sketching took place INDOORS, but the race didn't, so that's my excuse!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Carn Pica

I'm liking evening walks at the moment. Friday night is usually 'dead' time so what better way to kill it than out on the mountains? Beats Big Brother hands down!

Friday just gone, Nicholls and I did Carn Pica from the Talybont reservoir dam. 5 miles up and back, with a really steep section to end before you reach this most impressive of cairns in the beacons. There was a pretty strong breeze blowing on the top and it was much cooler than down in the valley - pretty much as you'd expect really. Some excellent views of the Black Mountains were on offer...and all for free! Love it.