Monday, 5 July 2010


I happen to be able to wield a pencil with some success. This is a recent commission of a racehorse, Denman, winning The 2009 Hennessy. Having not sketched in anger for some years, I got a lot of satisfaction from producing this...and a few quid to boot. I know all of the sketching took place INDOORS, but the race didn't, so that's my excuse!


  1. That is some talent you have there. You should do more art work and share it on the blog.

  2. Many thanks MArtin. I am just refinding sketching after some years. I have a few photos of work from some years back which I will dig out and post. I have plans to do a series of works of outdoor scenes, complete with walkers/runners/mountain bikers. It's finding the right photos, and (sigh) the time!