Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Groundhog..., I mean, Boxing Day!

Each boxing day we do the same walk - Pen Y Fan from the Storey Arms. Why? Dunno. Nicholls calls it tradition, though he's only been doing it for 5 years!! Still, it's a great cobweb remover, and no two days are ever the same with the changeable British weather.

This year it was wet. Persistent light drizzle coupled with gale force winds meant moisture found its way into every nook and cranny. Still, the temperature was mild, so it was bearable. Enjoyable even.
Rather than just walk to the top and back down, we took an interesting detour down to the saddle between Cribyn and Pen Y Fan and then we skirted across the face of Pen Y Fan and ascended back up in the large gully to the far right. This was pretty much full on scrambling, although a lot of it is quite loose. With the cloud and the mist it felt pretty hardcore!

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