Monday, 16 January 2012

Twmbarlwm Trek

Twmbarlwm is a cracking little hill (my favourite in fact) that is right on my doorstep and offers easy access to some great walking and running. A friend of mine, Beggy, who works for Caerphilly council is organising a Twmbarlwm Trek on May 12th this year. Entry in advance is a paltry £4 and there are 3 routes of varying length to choose from. I hope to run the 23 miler as a training run with a few mates.


  1. It always makes be laugh when you hardy "mountain types" say things like "Twmbarlwm is a cracking little hill" which translated into Kentish reads as "Twmbarlwm is a frigging enormous mountain". Seriously though, I love these £3 no frills, all thrills events....enjoy

  2. Ha! Yes, I guess we take the hills on our doorstep for granted, Jerry. It's not a mountain though unless it's above 600m, or so we're told!!
    It's a great price as you say. A similar length race organised by an athletics club or association would always cost £20+.