Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tired Tyres

This afternoon was meant to be spent at Kenfig Dunes nature reserve on the Glamorgan coast with my sis and bro-in-law and their dogs. But a puncture on the M4 enroute put paid to that. The AA came and changed it (yes I can change a puncture but I wouldn't risk it on the side of a motorway, especially when it's just my little 4 year old lad and I) and then pointed out the state of the punctured and opposite front tyres. The inside edges were worn right through to the metal. I had no idea and was shocked at how dangerous they were. I even avoided a fine when the Traffic Officers stopped behind us on the hard shoulder. They were very helpful indeed and didn't even bother looking at the punctured tyre. If they had, I could have been fined up to £1000 apparently. Mores the point, it could have caused a nasty accident.

A quick trip to KwikFit and a back up plan of Roath Park solved the issue. I won't forget to check my tyres more regularly in future and I'll make sure I get them changed as soon as needed. So, Kenfig Dunes will have to wait until another day...

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