Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bike Theft

Some mugging little Chav B*****ds broke into my in-laws garage on Monay night and relieved me of my mountain bike! It was the only thing they took so I imagine they must have spotted it whilst perusing the area. The ironic thing was that three weeks ago we heard of two other burglaries in the street and I mentioned to my wife...'I hope my bike's safe in their garage!'. 'Yeah, it'll be fine' was her response! :( It wasn't a particularly expensive bike and I didn't use it that often, but that's not the point.

Hopefully the insurance will payout. It seems these burglaries are rife at the moment. The police said they will try and send someone out if they have the resources.! WTF? I know it's just a mountain bike but reactions like this simply suggest to the thieves that they can go ahead and steal whatever they want.

Goodbye dear friend - I hope you collapse and maim the person who currently 'owns' you!

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