Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sugarloaf sunset

Spur of the minute decision to take a short walk up the Sugarloaf (a local extinct volcano near Abergavenny (which means ''Town at the foot of the fire breathing behemoth' in Welsh)) yesterday evening to watch the sunset. It proved a good idea...the temps had dropped enough, the light was great, the hill was deserted, which meant I could arse about with the self timer at the summit, and generally just enjoy the experience.

Sunset over the Black Mountains

Wife pointed out that it was unsual to see me with an impressive erection between my legs...

A light jacket was needed later on as the breeze picked up...or maybe I'm just soft as sh*te..?

The sheep wouldn't keep still for the pic...


  1. Yeh, I'm thinking you're a bit of a big jessie, a light jacket my @rse....

    I've been thinking of getting out on the hills here, it's been a couple of years since we've done any hill walking.

  2. :) Being an uber-athlete and all that I don't have much fat on my bones to ward off the cold!!!