Thursday, 1 April 2010

Galloping Across the Glyders

Well, not galloping as such, more like a sedately paced trudge across the Glyders, but a most enjoyable one at that. Myself and a Kiwi friend from London, Dave, set off from South Wales on Saturday morning with the intention of getting a good afternoon's walking in followed by a nights camp at Beddgelert, returning on Sunday.

We arrived at the Ogwen valley at 10:45 after a good journey and set off up the North Face of Tryfan. It was fairly quiet, as the north ridge goes, and we made good progress, despite the few times we needed to backtrack and search out another route. I hadn't spied the cannon-stone on previous ascents so I made sure we sniffed it out this time for the usual 'tourist shot'.

Conditions were pretty good with excellent visibility making for some good shots.

Adam, Dave and Eve. He wimped out of doing the 'jump'.

A snack at Tryfan's summit (with around 30 others for company - which sounds crowded but if you are a Tryfan regular you'll know it's not too bad at all) before we descended to Bwlch Tryfan and opted for the scree slope, over Bristly Ridge, to get up to Glyder Fach.
First, time for the self timer shot

On top of Glyder Fach's summit plateau, there were still large areas of snow, some drifts up to thigh depth. But nothing other than a decent pair of boots were required....on your feet at least!

Onto the Cantilever stone for a bit of arsing around...

The Ogwen Valley looked great and made for a postcardesque picture.

We made good speed over Glyder Fawr and before dropping down in to Devil's Kitchen, we took the short detour to the summit of Y Garn where more photo opportunities presented.

Back down the hill and down the steep steps of Devil's Kitchen...I always think of Tolkien's description of the Dimrill Stair out of Moria is exactly like the Devil's kitchen descent. (LOTR fans will know what I'm talking about)

Lyn Idwal and Pen Yr Ole Wen from halfway down the descent.

Just before we got back tot he car the moon was positioned nicely over Tryfan. The cannon stone from the first pic in this post is clearly visible in centre shot.

7 hours of excellent walking!

We spent the night at the campsite in Beddgelert accompanied by half a dozen pints at two of the small pubs in the village. Next morning, we visited the acclaimed 'Pete's Eats' in Llanberis for a superb breakfast (Bacon is more like gammon!) before heading onto our appointment at 'World of Ferns'. More on this nursery in a future post.


  1. 7 very good hours. I found your blog by clicking your photo on mine. I have several hours reading to do here it seems. Great stuff and keep at it.

  2. Thanks, Martin. I can't recall how I found your blog...probably via another's been in my favourite list for sometime but I only just became a 'follower'. There's so many great outdoor blogs on the web and not enough time to read them all! Your photography is very good quality indeed. Cheers!

  3. Great photos, like the funny touch to them.