Wednesday, 30 March 2011


This weekend just gone I did mountain walking, scrambling, camping, star gazing, running and gardening. All very enjoyable outdoor activities. One I hadn't planned on and I need to do more of, is beach-combing! (Wasn't there a 1980s kids TV prog called Beachcombers? With a fly-by camera shot over a log filled Canadian Estuary? Yes - just googled it!)
Anyway, beach-combing. We regularly visit Merthyr Mawr on the South wales coast near Porthcawl. To get to the beach you either wade through the mouth of the river Ogwr at low tide (a bit dangerous and a bit wet!) or you walk a mile through the dunes from Candleston castle. The walk is very scenic so it's no great chore, and it means that the beach is always very quiet, even in good weather. And it's a very good beach for beach combing. At the high tide line there is a 3 metre wide line of 'flotsam and jetsam' stretching as far as the eye can see...well, almost! I built a crappy sculpture and took a crappy photo of it.

It's a fantastic beach that I never get bored of. Just how beaches should be.

And it's in Wales of course. And as if to mark the fact, someone had seemingly planted 2 clumps of Dafs in the middle of the dunes, standing out a like a sore thumb amidst the natives.

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