Sunday, 29 April 2012

Triffic Trail Training

Country lanes disinterest me. Pavements bore me. Treadmills have been known to send me into a permanent vegetative state. But I simply love running on Trails, and even off trails, which I guess is fell running. So addictive.
In prep for the Trail Marathon Wales we've (JAsper and I) been hitting the trails every saturday morning, both locally and further afield (The Beacons). As difficult as it sometimes is to drag yer arse outta bed at 6:30 on a saturday, by the time we've run a mile and started to warm up, I'm thinking there's not many places I'd rather be.
The last three saturdays have seen us tackle the Cwmcarn Scenic Drive from Henllys, Mynydd Machen from Alt-yr-yn and a 16 mile loop from Talybont. Running through the old disused Hendre Quarry in swirling mist is an experience everyone should try, providing you like running, and quarries....and mist.

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