Tuesday, 27 October 2009


We've not had chance this year to get down to our favourite English county, Cornwall!

So, here's a few photos from trips past of some of our favourite haunts in the Duchy...

First up, the atmospheric St Ives. It's unlike any other city/town/village/hamlet in the Uk (that I've visited anyway). There's just a feeling thats generated when visiting that you can only appreciate after you've been there...
The harbour

Porthminster beach. We nearly always stay at a wonderful little hotel called Primrose Valley http://www.primroseonline.co.uk/ which is around 30 yards from the beach and ticks all the boxes - food, decor, location, relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff!

And one of St Ives' many charming cobbled streets.
The Minack Theatre is a must visit. Situated on the cliffs overlooking Porthcurno beach, it was the life vision of Rowena Cade http://www.minack.com/dayvisitors/history.htm and must be one of the most original tourist attractions in Great Britain.
The aforementioned Porthcurno beach is simply breathtaking. I'll shut up as a picture tells a thou....etc.

And the view from the Minack.

I'm a big fan of the gardens and nurseries in Cornwall. Trevena Cross near Helston always has an excellent selection of tree ferns and ground ferns. It's where my wallet usually gets emptied and my wife usually gets bored.
Cornwall is probably the premier UK climate for exotic plants and gardens. Trebah is one I never tire of visiting. It's a little more commercial than some of the less frequented 'gems' but is beautiful all the same.
These Dicksonia antarctica almost look too pristine, but they work so well in this setting.

And finally, the wonderful St Michael's Mount. Quintessentially Cornish, like a large pasty dropped in the middle of the bay.


  1. Nice shots and make me want to revisit some of those places. Its amazing how much a bit of blue sky can make a place look so much more inviting. BTW are you also known as " The Dork Dog" perchance ?

  2. I get all my exotic plants from Brian of Brian's Botanicals. Do you know Brian?