Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Paramo Fuera Ascent

I just acquired my ever bit of Paramo Kit. A Fuera Ascent  windproof jacket. It was free too! I resubscribed to Trail magazine and it came as a free gift. Now I would pretty much buy Trail magazine each month anyway, so this was a no brainer...I pay £49 for £51 worth of magazines, delivered to my door and I get a £65 jacket thrown in. Brilliant!

First impressions are good. It's light, has a decent hood and pockets and long pitzips. And it just has a quality feel to it. It will get a testing in Snowdonia in 3 weeks time. I might even report back about it. I think the offer might still be on if anyone reading this is interested.


  1. Nice one, I saw this offer. I was tempted to cancel my current subsription and get my missus to subscribe. So I could get one.

  2. Phil - if you phone up and resubscribe for another 13 issues, even if your current subscription isn't finished, you should get the jacket!? Worth a try. Sorry for the delay in replying, I missed your comment.


    1. It worked and the jacket is in the post, cool.