Saturday, 8 October 2011

Life's Second Beginning...

Or so they say. I turned the BIG 4-0 on Thursday and cannot wait til my celebratory Kilimanjaro Trek on November 11th. I'm pretty much ready and waiting now, kit has been mostly sorted, vaccinations done, funds ready, guide's all exciting stuff.
Hopefully we will make the summit - I've a few niggles since the 30 mile run, including groin pain that I thought was a hernia, but the Doctor thought otherwise. I also did myself some damage whilst out on p*ss for my 40th last saturday evening. Leaving a pub and jogging across to the taxi, I missed a taut chain between two bollards that caught me smack in the thighs and jarred my knees! A You've Been Framed Moment indeed. Because of that I've not run for 11 days in total and I'm starting to miss it big time.

However, I need to get some walks in, with plenty of thigh busting ascents. The plan is to do some evening walks in the dark over the next few weeks, stuff like The Sugarloaf and The Blorenge, which I did a couple of weeks back. Here's Abergavenny from the top of the North Face,...I mean, Slope!

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