Tuesday, 20 September 2011

30 Mile Mountain Trail Challenge.- Sat Sept 17th

Oww me legs. 30 miles of running around the Central Beacons is a seriously tough day out....but immensely enjoyable at the same time.

It was an event organised by the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team and cost £25 to enter. Some 600 people took part, mostly walkers, but a few other pockets of runners. There were a few looks of disdain and the odd comment muttered under the breath by some of the 'rambling walkers' at the start, as we queued up in our trail running kit. But nevertheless, it didnt put us off and the 'batRunners' set off at 7:20 am.

Some 6 hours and 52 minutes later, we were plodding into the finish with very weary limbs. This was the furthest I'd ever ran - I estimate we ran some 85% of the total distance and walked the rest. It was practically impossible to run certain steep uphill sections and boggy moorlands.

The route was great - plenty of different terrain - rocky mountains, waterlogged moors, misty forests, serene canal towpaths.

A few grainy photos to follow in the next post.

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