Sunday, 5 June 2011

Yompfest 4

Beautiful weather coincided with our planned 'Yompfest 4' on Saturday. Nine of us left Pill Harriers to tackle Pen Y Fan from Cwm Gydi to the north.

We set out at 8:40ish and by 8:50ish, Klampitt was knackered! To be fair, this was the first exercise he had done since a shoulder reconstruction op 10 weeks ago. Reluctantly, he opted to let us go on ahead and meet up with us later.

The sky was pretty clear but the few clouds there were seemed to be drawn to PEn Y Fan, which was bloody typical. I hoped the warm weather would help burn the clouds off by the time we summited.

From the north ridge of Pen Y Fan (Cefn Cwm Llwch) the views were pretty spectacular. There was a slight haze in the far distance, but otherwise it was a day for views.
Black mountains to the east (Sugar Loaf centre).

Soon, the majestic profile of Cribyn came into view. The sky really was this blue. I use a cheap UV filter on my SLR but otherwise, these photos are as taken.

We progressed slowly (mainly due to the mixed levels of ability in the group) but this wasn't a problem on a day like today.

There were decent views to the west, too. Fan Gyhirych and Fan Brychieniog were visible.

Soon, we were on the final uphill section to Pen Y Fan.

A great opportunity to take the classic shot of Cribyn from Pen Y Fan.

8 happy yompers at the summit.
Back, l-r, Whitey, Carlo, Schmichael, Beggy and me. Front, l-r, Jasper, Louie and Manley.

It was very busy at the top, and very breezy. Extra layers were deployed by most of us for a lunch break. There was also plenty of squaddie activity with a tent on the summit and soldiers arriving with heavy packs and guns at regular intervals. Quite a strange sight among the weekend walking crowd.

Off to Corn Du. The path had obviously had work done in recent years and resembled a path through a park rather than a mountain top. Still ,I suppose its helping keep the erosion down, even if it does look way out of place.

We increased the height of Corn Du by 20mm.

Next stop was the swimming pool at Lyn Cwm Llwch!

Strangely, the wind on Craig Cwm Llwch was much stronger than at the summit. It must have been funneling down the bowl shaped valley. Screech tried his matrix moves out.

We paused for a moment to pay respects to Tommy Jones. It was the first time all of us had visited the monument, despite many of us having been up PEn Y Fan many times before.

Then it was down to Lyn Cwm Llwch for the obligatory yompfest dip. After last time (and the icy cold waters at Blaen-y-glyn), we were pretty hesistant until the mad Oirish man decided that skinny dipping was the way forward.

Then the rest of us joined him. The water was only 'very cold' which is pretty damn warm as Brecon Beacons water goes. We didnt stay in for long though as we had a Welsh Game to watch.

It took about another hour and a bit to reach the carpark along sheep tracks through Cwm Llwch. A very enjoyable yomp indeed.

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