Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I don't do kit reviews....

...but I am suitably impressed with two items of gear that I thought I'd offer my opinions.

I've had the Alpkit Gamma headtorch and a pair of Sealskinz Ultragrip gloves for exactly a year.

Despite only being out in the hills around every 4 weeks or so, I've managed to get a lot of use out of these two items. The headtorch in particular has been used for evening runs, clambering around the attic, sorting out the garden or looking for one of Isaacs toys after dark, etc. I reckon its a superb piece of kit for the money. There may be better headtorches out there with more powerful illumination, but this does all I need and more, and in 12 months the battery hasn't gone once.

The Sealskinz are advertised as waterproof and in my limited experience, that's what they are. And I find them warm, despite having hands like witches with poor circulation. Not once have my hands got wet and in heavy rain and snow they've performed admirably. I take a medium and when they first go on they seem very snug, but after a short use they tend to give and fit my hands perfectly. They're not as much of a bargain as the alpkit but still well worth the cash.

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