Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blinking Black Mountains Blisters

Last Saturday I did a 10 mile Classic Horseshoe in the black Mountains - a route I hadn't done for about 19 years! I was out on my Jack Jones again due to the unavailability of walking buddies, so I opted for an early start. I found somewhere to park the car north of Llanbedr and I was walking by 7:15am just as it was getting light. By 7:30 am I noticed some rubbing on my right heel. It didn't feel too bad at first but I should have known it would turn into a full blown blister! A scholl blister plaster was deployed from my pack but I'd forgotten my trusty jar of Vaseline (A Welshman always carries vaseiline in the hills!!)

2 miles later, the other heel started showing the same symptoms. I don't know what it is with my Scarpa SLs (pre M3 model) that I've had for around 7 or 8 years. They've only given me blister trouble now and again, and on other walks have been okay. I think I'll try a pair of superfeet insoles to lift the heel slightly and hold it better. The last 5 miles of this 10 mile round were pretty painful, and I've been unable to go jogging in the 8 days since. Knew I should've worn my Invo8s.

Blisters aside, it was a decent walk. Cold winds, but clear views. And, as is par for the course in the Black Mountains, I only saw two other walkers all morning.

Following recent rains, the summit area of Pen Y Gadair Fawr and Waun Fach were saturated to say the least. On Waun fach, in particular, I had to pick my way through a bog, walking 20 metres to the left or right, for every ten metres travelled forwards. Gaiters were left at home - a schoolboy error as it turned out.

Early Morning Views towards the rising Sun

Pen Y Gadair Fawr Summit Break

Descending From Waun fach with views to Pen Y Fan

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