Friday, 1 October 2010

Day 3 - Helvellyn

After a late night (3am) in Keswick, I woke at 8am feeling not too bad considering. That's more than I can say for the others. Chopper and Nicholls could not muster the energy to drag themselves from their tent to go for a walk as planned. Dave was more awake but complaining of a dodgy knee. He did, however, go for a dip in the Lake before dropping me off for a short but steep walk up Helvellyn.

The path from Thirlmere is very steep and the small hangover I had was quickly ejected through my pores with litres of sweat! The weather was nice again with a strong breeze. The Helvellyn Triathlon was taking place and it was impressive to watch the competitors dragging themselves up Swirral Edge. I took some pics of Swirral Edge and Striding Edge and I will definitely return and cross them one day.

I was up and down in just over two and a quarter hours and found Chopper and Nicholls waiting for me with Sunday papers and a smile, ready for the long journey back to South wales. What a great weekend.

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