Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Black Mountains

The Black Mountains weren't today, they were white. Beautifully white, encrusted in a layer of snow that gradually receded as your eye followed the ground from the ridge down into the valley. It was a perfect day for a walk.

We did 8 miles in a fairly swift 4 hours. starting from Llanbedr, we climbed to table mountain, then along the ridge to Pen Cerrig Calch, Pen Allt Mawr, then looped around the small spur at Pen Twyn Mawr in the centre of the valley. The views were immense, but my photographic skills weren't. I'm trying to learn how to use my camera correctly, and that means learning from my mistakes, of which there are currently zillions! Still, here's a few to give a taste of the conditions today.

I love the remote feeling you get in the black mountains. We saw three other people all day, one from a distance of about half a mile.


  1. Amaaaazing photos The Dog! I particularly like the first photo. I might steal it for my own personal use..

    What I also find amazing when I'm at high-ish altitude, is how low the clouds are. The feeling that you're on top of the world, and away from the rat race. Who knows, perhaps I'll join you one of these days!

    Is that a Musa basjoo in the third pic?

  2. Great photos Mark. Looks cold. How's the hat?