Monday, 30 November 2009

Surely you can't grow that here?

Not had a lot to blog about lately as the weather has put paid to all outdoors activity - almost. The TV news said it had rained every single day in November here in Wales. I can't ever remember it being this dry.Anyway, thought I'd take the chance, whilst nowt else worth mentioning is going on, to post a photo or two of a few gardens in the UK, that look anything but. All the following photos were taken in private gardens in the UK. And contrary to what you might think, none of them are in the subtropical southwestern tip of Cornwall. Granted, they aren't in Aviemore either, but it goes to show just what an exotic range of plants can be grown in the UK


  1. Who is the dork in the 4th photo? And can you spot the wierdo in the 2nd photo?

  2. What a super smashing set of photos !

  3. The weirdo in the 2nd photo is the same weirdo as in the 8th photo. He gets everywhere.